Mmmmushroom Stroganoff

It’s hard to believe that on Saturday it was near 70 degrees and yesterday it was 11. With the snow last night I decided to hunker down at home in lieu of going to the gym because I didn’t know how the roads were going to be after dark. Better safe than sorry!

I stayed in to make a real comfort food: mushroom stroganoff. I was able to find a clean version at iFoodreal and was very impressed at how easy it seemed. After work I’m so tired that the thought of pumping hours into a meal just isn’t appealing. Plus I have a toddler in the terrible-twos who remains independent and uninterested until you try to do something…then he wants scream and latch onto your leg to see how high he can climb.

Back to the stroganoff. Easy, clean, and delicious. All the things I am looking for in a meal now. While I loved it in its original form, I would tweak a couple of things to suit us:

  1. Use beef broth instead of chicken broth
  2. Use mushrooms like the recipe calls for or cut the mushrooms smaller
  3. Add a little more salt and perhaps some garlic

Other than that my husband and I really enjoyed it. I took a smaller plate and loaded it up with a serving, and I was so full after I got done that I didn’t even have a snack last night, which is my biggest weakness in my lifestyle change journey. I’m unsure if it was because the dish was so filling or I tricked my brain with the smaller plate (maybe a combination of both), but either way it worked. I am looking forward to the leftovers for lunch today!

 photo 20160229_180038_zpsm4du1x0y.jpg


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