The “L” Word

This morning as I walked out the door to go to work I told my mom, who takes care of our son during the day, “I never thought I’d ever be the person who would take a hard boiled egg with sriracha and a piece of cheese to work for a snack.” It’s the honest truth too. Hard boiled eggs growing up, unless they were deviled, were THE devil. You couldn’t pay me enough to eat one, and yet, here I am eating them and actually enjoying my snack. I still like my other snacks, but I’ve since modified the kinds of snacks I take. Gone are the days of just a few Cheez-its or candy bar. I buy organic snacks low in sugar, or I take an apple with peanut butter. When you make good choices, you start feeling better and because you start feeling better you love the healthy choices you make.

Speaking of better choices, I started the dreaded “l” word in the exercising world–Lifting. On MFP it seems to be the most menacing form of exercise, especially if you’re a cardio junkie like me. If you had told me a year ago that I’d be lifting, I’d have laughed at you. While I’m starting to see a change by doing cardio, I’m really serious this time and wanted to add more to my workout. I talked to our fitness instructor about personal training, and she was so excited I approached her because she needs a partner to lift with, so she is doing it for free. I am very blessed and fortunate that she is donating her time and talents.

We didn’t add any weight to the bar yesterday, but I was able to do eight squats with the 45lb bar. I felt really good about that, especially since I’ve never lifted before! Lifting was a lot less intimidating that I first thought, and my instructor has assured me that I’ll only get stronger and more confident and eventually I’ll be lifting way more than a 45lb bar. We also did tricep dips, diagonals, chest flies, one-legged squats, and some ab exercises. We did one ab exercise that requires to to lay on your back, heels as close to your butt and reach behind your butt for the opposite foot. I told her this kind of resembled how I put on my pants in the morning, haha!

I have a feeling lifting is going to become my new health obsession, and I can’t wait to see my body and attitude change even more. What healthy changes are you making today?



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