Waking Up Early: Day 1

I bought this cute pair of mint capris from Scheels in March, and I did something you’re told never to do: buy them small. I figured it would be motivation. When I tried them on, I could barely get them over my thighs, and I couldn’t get them buttoned. The scale and tape measure have not been very nice to me since starting my clean eating journey in February, but I decided to bust out the capris on Saturday just to see what would happen. I’ve been eating well and lifting, so I figured why not? And they fit! Not very comfortably yet, but the point is I didn’t struggle to get them over my thighs, and I could get them buttoned. I just felt like a sausage in casing, so I have a little work to do.

I’ve been eating a small breakfast within an hour of waking, so I decided I’d start doing a 10-20 minute ab exercise in the morning too. I knew this would require waking up early, which I don’t care for. My hope is that by adding in the small exercise (on top of my normal after-work exercise at the gym) I can shed some belly fat so I can fit into those capris by June.

I had some wins and losses. My win was I did wake up at 6:30, 20 minutes before I normally do. The loss was I didn’t exercise. I ate breakfast and also realized that I’d need to wake up earlier if I expected to exercise and fit breakfast in before 7. So tomorrow I’m going to shoot for 6:15 and see if I can’t feel a bit more motivated to work out.

Recipe Time

So my breakfast was amazing, so amazing I want to share it with you. I didn’t look at the calories before I made it because I didn’t care, but once I plugged them into My Fitness Pal, I cared quite a bit more, haha. It came out to 700 calories, but I think that can easily be modified. I got it from this website.

2 bananas, coined
1/2 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup pecan halves
2 tablespoons shredded coconut

Mix together and either warm on the stove or microwave. First, two bananas is too much for one person. Second, it wasn’t clear if coconut milk was supposed to be from a can or carton, and I did a can. You could use from a carton, and it would taste less rich, which is probably what I would do next time. I’d also omit the shredded coconut just because I don’t think it added anything other than texture. It was very good though, and I’ll definitely be making it again. I ended up taking some leftovers for my mid-morning snack because it was just too much and too rick for that time in the morning.


Mmmmushroom Stroganoff

It’s hard to believe that on Saturday it was near 70 degrees and yesterday it was 11. With the snow last night I decided to hunker down at home in lieu of going to the gym because I didn’t know how the roads were going to be after dark. Better safe than sorry!

I stayed in to make a real comfort food: mushroom stroganoff. I was able to find a clean version at iFoodreal and was very impressed at how easy it seemed. After work I’m so tired that the thought of pumping hours into a meal just isn’t appealing. Plus I have a toddler in the terrible-twos who remains independent and uninterested until you try to do something…then he wants scream and latch onto your leg to see how high he can climb.

Back to the stroganoff. Easy, clean, and delicious. All the things I am looking for in a meal now. While I loved it in its original form, I would tweak a couple of things to suit us:

  1. Use beef broth instead of chicken broth
  2. Use mushrooms like the recipe calls for or cut the mushrooms smaller
  3. Add a little more salt and perhaps some garlic

Other than that my husband and I really enjoyed it. I took a smaller plate and loaded it up with a serving, and I was so full after I got done that I didn’t even have a snack last night, which is my biggest weakness in my lifestyle change journey. I’m unsure if it was because the dish was so filling or I tricked my brain with the smaller plate (maybe a combination of both), but either way it worked. I am looking forward to the leftovers for lunch today!

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